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Uni grad helps bring Defence projects to life

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Max Wayne, a Saab Australia Graduate Engineer within Maritime, tells us a little bit about his career so far:


“I’ve always been interested in the defence industry because of the cutting-edge technology used to create unique solutions to complex problems. Saab is no exception to this and I was instantly drawn to its friendly environment.”


“As an undergraduate, I joined Saab’s internship program which led me to become a Graduate Engineer once I completed my degree. As a Hardware Engineer, I work with anything and everything that you could hold in your hand – that’s the best way to describe it. Saab plays an important role in bringing projects with the Navy to life, the variety of work is something I really enjoy!”


“I’ve found with such a diverse company it can be hard to know where to get project information from. This can be daunting, but I learnt very quickly that everyone is happy to help out with any questions I have. This has given me confidence to put my hand up for other opportunities within the company as I know I’ll have the support of my team.”


“Looking towards the future, I’d like to lead projects within the space domain. I’m excited to see all the ways Saab can apply its diverse skill-set to a field that has really emerged within Australia over the last few years.”


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Originally published by Saab Australia.

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