Shipbuilding jobs updated by the ABS – helping to paint a stronger picture of future employment opportunities – Naval Shipbuilding College

Shipbuilding jobs updated by the ABS – helping to paint a stronger picture of future employment opportunities

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) is pleased to see the inclusion of Naval Shipbuilding and associated jobs in the latest update to ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations). The inclusion of Naval Shipbuilding in the ANZSCO update is recognition of this growing sector, and the unique requirements for jobs in shipbuilding. Vitally, it lays the foundation for more accurate and timelier workforce planning to proactively manage the skill and experience requirements of Naval Shipbuilding over the next 30 years.


ANZSCO is a central classification system used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to collect, publish and analyse occupation statistics. ANZSCO is employed across a range of data sets that inform and support Government policy settings and programs, including education and training.


For people working in Naval Shipbuilding, the update allows for a more complete recognition of specific Naval Shipbuilding jobs in the census, and other Government forms. It is expected that the shipbuilding ANZSCO update will assist government and industry in their planning and management of skill and experience requirements in the sector.


The NSC worked closely with the ABS to achieve this inclusion, helping to create a more accurate representation of the naval shipbuilding workforce. The shipbuilding ANZSCO update builds on the Naval Shipbuilding College’s work in leading the agreement of a common taxonomy of 206 jobs within the Naval Shipbuilding Industry.


The NSC continues to demonstrate the value of harnessing ABS data in new and different ways to accurately forecast shipbuilding workforces The NSC’s workforce planning innovations are helping to enhance workforce planning capabilities to develop a strong and sustainable Naval Shipbuilding Industry.



To find out more about the latest ANZSCO update, visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

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