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Saab intern embraces challenging new role

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Life at Saab Australia isn’t all engineering and technical projects, our large corporate support division keeps our company running like clockwork.


Marcella Makarowsky gives some insight about her role as a Contracts Administrator:


“I started working at Saab as a Contracts Intern which later turned into a Contracts Administrator role once I finished my university studies. It can be difficult explaining what I do for work because it’s not a traditional legal role, so I usually say that I help protect company information and ensure that the company is complying with all necessary laws and regulations.”


“I find when I tell people I work at Saab they don’t realise that we do a lot of exciting projects in the Civil space – most people either think we still make cars or just do Defence projects.”


“I’m still early on in my career, so I’ve found adapting to life after university can be challenging; figuring how to apply learning from uni to the real world, and becoming familiar with the workings of the organisation are common learning curves for recent graduates.”


“To people who are not sure about entering the Defence Industry, I’d say this: the Defence world is unique and always changing, but I’ve found at Saab that people are always willing to help you learn and are supportive of your work.”


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Originally published by Saab Australia.

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