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Preparing for success

Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Naval Shipbuilding College is a passionate advocate for Australia’s small to medium enterprises (SMEs) expanding their scope and scale as well as strengthening and growing their workforces through involvement in the Australian Government’s $90 billion National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.


Chief Executive of the College, Ian Irving said thousands of Australian supply chain businesses will be involved in the current and future naval programs which include the Attack Class Submarines, Hunter Class Frigates, Guardian Class Patrol Boats and Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels.


“Businesses who invest in their own capability, through the employment and training of apprentices and upskilling of their workforce, are setting themselves up for success,’’ he said.


“Through fostering professional, trusted and collaborative relationships with the global shipbuilding companies, system integrators, sustainers and supply chain industry players, the College is working to develop robust forecasts for workforce requirements.


“The College stands ready to provide a direct connection between Australian SMEs and a talented, job-ready workforce.’’


The recently completed Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer program, which saw three ships designed and built in different shipyards across Australia over the past 10 years, involved thousands of Australian suppliers.


While it is fantastic news that the opportunities for Australian businesses will continue to expand during the Enterprise, ensuring these businesses have the skilled workforce they require is paramount.


“Data on the needs of SMEs will be critical in helping build a job-ready talent pool,’’ Mr Irving said.


“The College is collaborating with the Industry Capability Network, Defence advocates, peak bodies, and co-operating with state workforce development organisations to help prepare the required workforce.


“We have also partnered with training and education providers in every state and territory to ensure that endorsed programs produce job-ready graduates who have the skills industry needs.’’


The College operates a national Workforce Register, which is the gateway for businesses to secure skilled talent as they build scale and scope.


More than 2300 candidates from across Australia have registered their interest to secure work within the Enterprise, including more than 500 candidates who are ‘job-ready’ to access Defence industry opportunities.


Mr Irving encouraged businesses to reach out and engage with the prime shipbuilding contractors within the Enterprise and to spark interest in potential employees by talking up the interesting and dynamic things they manufacture, the equipment and techniques which are used, advanced technologies, precision processes and generally the art of the craft.


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If you or someone you know are interested in knowing more about the job opportunities in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry – from trades to PhDs – join the NSC’s national Workforce Register, so we can connect your with one of our Candidate Engagement Consultants for your confidential career conversation.

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