Naval Shipbuilding College joins Industry Skills Council – Naval Shipbuilding College

Naval Shipbuilding College joins Industry Skills Council

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Focused on advancing the Defence, Aerospace, IT and Cybersecurity industries, the ISC will help to ensure that appropriate government funding for training is aligned to industry needs.


The College is represented on the ISC by Program Director Bill Docalovich who said it’s an ideal forum to provide direct input into job creation programs.


“The Naval Shipbuilding Industry will play a crucial role in South Australia’s future,’’ he said.


“The ISC provides an excellent opportunity to pool our knowledge and work together towards common goals and address the challenges facing industry in the short and long term.


“It is also a direct connection for industry with the South Australian government to address challenges around developing, training and sustaining a skilled workforce.


“I’ll continue to raise awareness about how to elevate naval shipbuilding as a career of choice, including the diversity of skills and professional jobs available over the coming decades.


“More work also needs to be done to attract skilled workers including women, mature age workers transitioning from adjacent industries and people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


“It is widely accepted across industries that success in workforce development is achieved through collaboration rather than competition.’’


The Naval Shipbuilding College was established in 2018 by the Australian Government to support the development of a highly skilled national workforce to deliver the $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan.


Based at the Osborne Naval Shipyards in South Australia, the College is working closely with education and training providers in every state and territory to endorse programs of study that offer direct pathways into these highly rewarding careers.


The College has established a national Workforce Register for students and workers interested in pursuing careers in naval shipbuilding.

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