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Naval Shipbuilding College Inspires Apprentices

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Seventy industry, education and training leaders participated in an Educators and Influencers events including school principals, teachers, and career counsellors.


Naval Shipbuilding College Program Director Bill Docalovich said that the emerging opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry will be a nation building endeavour.


“Over the coming years, 15,000 jobs will be created within the naval shipbuilding workforce, with particular demand for roles in fabrication, welding, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering and outfitting trades,” Mr Docalovich said.


“The diverse range of job opportunities on offer is exciting and the students who apply themselves, will have their choice of rewarding careers in the naval shipbuilding industry.


“South Australia has a lot going for it and the key to a successful state and economy is the passion and drive of its young people and a skilled workforce.


“Nationally a skilled workforce will help industries make investments in Australia rather than expanding operations offshore or bringing products in from overseas.


“By working smarter and collaborating with industry, with schools, parents and teachers, we can successfully elevate the importance and worth of skills training and highlight naval shipbuilding as a career of choice.”


“We have 100 years of career opportunities ahead of all of us. These students can start from the deck-plate and work their way through to the boardroom, the possibilities are endless.”


The Commonwealth recently dedicated $203 million to its Skilling Australians Fund that will result in 20,000 apprentice and trainee placement in South Australia over four years.


The Naval Shipbuilding College has established a Workforce Register for potential candidates interested in being involved in Australia’s revitalised shipbuilding industry.


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