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Mum’s the word for new teenage apprentice

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Struggling to break into the workforce after successfully finishing his final year at high school, Daniel Bendo decided to take some good advice from his mum.


“I did a fair bit of work experience during and after school because I really wanted to become an electrical apprentice,’’ he said.


“At school I completed Certificate 2 in electronics, but I wasn’t having much luck in securing an apprenticeship.


“My mum heard about the Naval Shipbuilding College and their Workforce Register on television one night and said I should put my name down.


“I did that in December 2018 and then I was communicating with really helpful Candidate Consultants on a regular basis.


“I had about four phone calls and I sent through a bunch of information about the certificates I had done, my birth certificate and driver’s license.


“I hadn’t heard much about naval shipbuilding but my Dad knew it was going on and a friend of mine did work experience with ASC (formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation).


“The best thing about the naval shipbuilding industry is it’s going to be a job for a life time.’’


Naval Shipbuilding College Talent Acquisition Manager Gary Barker said his team of consultants stayed in regular contact with all registered candidates.


“We are approaching 1000 candidates on our Workforce Register and we maintain regular contact with all of them,’’ he said.


“Identified job opportunities within the naval shipbuilding industry are emailed to candidates on a weekly basis.


“One of the key initiatives of the College is to ensure the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise has the sufficient talent pipeline in shipbuilding and the supply chain, to fulfill the number of job opportunities across the nation.


“Key to this success is the placement of trade apprentices and it is really exciting to see the College’s referral program now influencing these future outcomes.


“Our referred candidates are not only front of mind for our training partners, they are now being hired into industry. This is a truly exciting time in the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise and the College looks forward to assisting our training partners and apprentices with career opportunities.”


If you are interested in a naval shipbuilding career, join the national Workforce Register today.

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