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Meet the man behind the voice

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Edgar (Ed) Watson’s job is all about getting other people jobs – within Australia’s resurgent naval shipbuilding industry.


With almost 20 years’ experience of matching the right people to the right job, he has helped thousands of people find employment and begin new, rewarding careers.


As a member of the Naval Shipbuilding College’s Talent Acquisition team, Ed has travelled across the country attending job fairs and career days – prior to the COVID-19 restrictions – speaking with potential candidates who are looking to secure long-term roles in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.


Each person on the College’s national Workforce Register is contacted by a Candidate Engagement Consultant who provides support in structuring and individually tailoring a career or skilling pathway into Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.


“Before the COVID-19 restrictions came into place, my colleagues and I visited every state and territory in Australia to raise awareness of the jobs that are coming online with the industry and the associated sustainment and supply chain businesses,’’ he said.


“Because jobs are going to be created across the country it’s critical we engage with people in every state and territory so they are aware of the opportunities that already exist and the jobs of the future.


“During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to maintain our engagement with candidates not only through telephone calls but also through various webinars the College has been presenting.’’


Ed was able to meet face-to-face with Workforce Register Candidate Skylar Liu who attended a pilot training course at the College’s Adelaide offices earlier this year, before COVID-19 restrictions came into place.


Skylar joined the Workforce Register in late 2019 after learning about the College while attending a jobs expo at the University of South Australia.


“I had my first phone conversation with Ed about a week after I joined the Workforce Register,’’ he said.


Skylar, like all national Workforce Register candidates, receives weekly updates on the jobs on offer within the Naval Shipbuilding Industry across Australia, and the Talent Acquisition team continued engagement with candidates while working from home via Skype and emails.


“Ed was extremely supportive and helpful in getting me job-ready for any future employment opportunities and we’ve have stayed in regular contact since I joined the Register, either over the phone and through emails, so I am always up to date.”


“I’m very keen to find a job in the shipbuilding industry, I’d prefer to find a job in Adelaide but there are options in every state so I’m not going to rule out moving,’’ he said.


“I would definitely recommend people should join the College’s Workforce Register, naval shipbuilding is one of the few expanding industries in Australia and it will be an ongoing. It won’t just finish when the vessels are built, because there will always be upgrades and sustainment.’’


Check out the next edition of The College Chronicle out in September for a story about one of our employment candidates who has been working closely with our Talent Acquisition team to find their pathway and secure their shipbuilding career.

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