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JobsPortal creating smooth sailing recruitment 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) is building Australia’s national naval shipbuilding workforce. The NSC has been helping job seekers find jobs in naval shipbuilding for over three years.


The NSC is pleased to support Australia’s growing maritime small to medium enterprises (SMEs), starting with the rollout of the National Workforce Register and JobsPortal.


For Australia’s SME community, the NSC’s Workforce Register and JobsPortal promises to be a force multiplier. Opening more opportunities for Australian job seekers to source rewarding employment and for the SME community to access pre-screened talent.


Thousands of people will be required across the country, for decades to come, to design, build and maintain the future fleet. The jobs are across the Enterprise – from the major shipbuilding contractors and systems integrators to the local businesses contributing some of the millions of parts within the supply chain; to research, education and training organisations delivering the next generation of knowledge and skills; to the women and men of the Royal Australian Navy who will operate the future fleet; and Commonwealth, and State and Territory Governments working in close partnership to ensure the Enterprise’s success.


The NSC is uniquely positioned to work closely with Government, industry, education and training providers and a wide range of stakeholders, to formulate and support the execution of plans to address the workforce development needs and requirement of current and emerging roles.


The NSC provides candidates with free tailored career and training advice on how to become industry referral ready. The candidates who are referral ready meet a minimum criterion as identified and agreed with key shipbuilding organisations.


The JobsPortal allows job seekers to search for vacancies in the shipbuilding sector, update their job profile, select target organisations and apply quickly and securely.


It also allows industry recruiters to connect with screened workers who are registered on NSC’s national Workforce Register.


SMEs who are registered will have direct access to industry referral ready candidates and candidates undertaking study for pipelining of future work who have been pre-screened by the NSC Talent Acquisition team against agreed criteria:


There is also the ability to advertise and manage vacancies, free of charge via the JobsPortal.


The NSC’s easy-to-use online platform can help organisations find exactly what they are looking for by connecting you with candidates all in one convenient place.


If you’re a SME, interested in learning more about the NSC’s services or gaining access to the JobsPortal, complete the EOI here.

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