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How a love for the ocean turned into a life-long career

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wessels Botha always knew he had a love for the ocean but assumed this would lead him to a career as a Marine Biologist.


Years later, he proved himself wrong. Combining his passion for design with the ocean, he found himself studying Marine and Offshore Systems Engineering.   


The Australian Maritime College (AMC) alumni has since landed his dream role at the beginning of 2021 as an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Engineer for Luerssen Australia.    


“The opportunities here at Luerssen Australia are fantastic and the room for growth and development is definitely there,” Wessels said.   


“I was lucky enough to be caught between two impossibly fantastic opportunities in my role with Luerssen Australia and undertaking my PHD. But it was ultimately the people I got to know while contracting here that convinced me this was the right path for me.  


“They’ve been so supportive of me and are really helping me build my career and succeed in all that I do right now,” Wessels said.   


Wessels first joined the NSC’s Workforce Register back in 2018 and credits this to landing his role with Luerssen Australia.  


“Through my studies at AMC, the student reps encouraged me to sign up to the Workforce Register and supported all of us studying to get the industry exposure necessary to kickstart our careers.  


“NSC actually called me about the Luerssen Australia role I’m in right now, so had I not been on the Workforce Register, I would not have this amazing opportunity to begin my career,” Wessels said.   


With an eagerness to learn, Wessels is continually using the vast technical knowledge of his peers to add to his growing skillset and increase his practical learnings on the job.  


“My job is constantly changing with new challenges presented every day. I work closely with the team, analysing the systems of the Offshore Patrol Vessel’s and the parts required to build and maintain the vessels.  


“Some days I could be creating procedures that will be used to maintain deliverables, others I could be working with data to capture, verify and validate,” Wessels said.   


Wessels is also hoping to undertake his Masters in Data Science at the University of Western Australia this year.   


“The best part is that my further studies will be to support my job here at Luerssen Australia and help increase my confidence to put some of the ideas I have to use.”  


Wessels is excited by the growth prospects of Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry and encourages everyone to consider the many opportunities that are available.   


“It’s like nothing else, looking out and seeing such massive ships sitting on the water. When you walk in the city and look up at the buildings it just doesn’t have the same wow factor. And you never know, you could be the next big innovator within the shipbuilding industry.”  


If you are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities available in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry, join the NSC’s national Workforce Register today.

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