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From ship to shore

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Scott Kallin, Combat Systems Engineer, talks about how his role at Saab, which quite literally, takes him from ship to shore and everything in between:


“I’ve been in the defence industry for the last 10 years, most recently working on the Air Warfare Destroyer program. I’m lucky that I’ve got a cool job, working with some smart people on interesting projects; so it’s natural that a lot of people ask what I do for work. It can be a complicated answer, because we have such a broad scope and variety of work, so I’ll usually say – we help the Navy look after their combat equipment on their ships.”


“A change is as good as a holiday so when I started looking to move companies I heard rumours of this fantasy place with free coffee, massages and two weeks extra leave, so I threw in a resume and here we are!”


“The nature of the work I do varies from week to week. One week I’m on board a Navy Frigate supporting Sea Trials and the next I’m involved in a technical capacity for a bid for new work. I enjoy the new challenges!


In the future I hope to be involved with big projects from early concepts to the final tests – you don’t get those experiences just anywhere.”


Originally published by Saab Australia.


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