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Engineering in Naval Shipbuilding

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Meet Liuben, Combat Systems Engineer at SAAB Australia


Liuben has been at Saab for over 16 years and throughout this time he has worked on a range of projects from the Civil, Land and Maritime domains.


He now works as a Combat Systems Engineer on the Hunter Class Program, Liuben tells us his experience so far:


“The project has provided me a once in a lifetime opportunity being able to be involved in the design phase of such a major project. Just to be a part of the team who is involved with the design phase is quite unique because I think the Hunter class frigates will be pivotal to the defence of the nation and it’s a great feeling knowing I’m part of that solution.”


“It’s interesting seeing how quickly the design evolves and how everyone works together on one common goal. It can be a challenge, but I enjoy it and is good that we can learn from a team of highly skilled individuals. It also presents an opportunity for me to get involved with technologies that are at the cutting-edge of technical innovation,” Liubin said.


“I’d like to keep developing my technical and interpersonal skills so I can drive the projects I’m involved in through to a successful conclusion. Being actively involved in delivering a key capability is what I look forward to the most.”


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