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Inspiring the next generation of naval shipbuilders

Thursday, December 16, 2021

School outreach  

Building a Hunter Class Frigate out of dried spaghetti and marshmallows was a fun activity for a group of students from Cummins Area School, whom the NSC hosted at our South Australian office in Osborne in October. After completing the technical challenge, the students spoke with Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) Candidate Engagement Consultants about future careers in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.   


In October, we also celebrated World Teacher’s Day by donning our Bright Future sunglasses to thank the thousands of teachers around Australia who are educating the next generation of naval shipbuilders.   


We asked some of the NSC staff who their most inspirational teacher was and why. Training Solutions Manager, Paul celebrated his maths teacher, Mr Robert Cronin at St Mark’s College, Port Pirie, “he taught us respect, had a great passion for teaching and wanted us to reach high standards in class. He always made time for his students, truly a remarkable teacher.” 


University outreach  

In our outreach to university students, the NSC engages with thousands of aspiring shipbuilders. In October, we had the pleasure of touring The University of Adelaide’s student showcase ‘Ingenuity’ and saw many impressive real-life applications of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. It was a particularly proud moment for NSC staff member Subroto, an engineer who works in NSC’s Education and Training team. Subroto’s daughter, Ishika will soon graduate from her engineering degree and, as part of the showcase got to take her dad through her final year project. Congratulations to Ishika and the many engineering students across Australia who are finishing their degrees and preparing to enter the workforce.   


Spot, the robot dog and VR technology were on show when the NSC team toured the incredible Line Zero – Factory of the Future at Tonsley Innovation District in November. Special thanks to our hosts from the Hunter Innovation Program, BAE Systems AustraliaFlinders University and the University of South Australia - each speaker provided a fascinating insight into the research and testing conducted at the amazing purpose-built facility at the former Mitsubishi Motors assembly plant in Adelaide. 


If you are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities available in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry, join the NSC’s national Workforce Register today.

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