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Celebrating a diverse naval shipbuilding industry

Thursday, December 16, 2021

“Be a little bit brave every day” – that was the inspiring advice from a panelist at a joint networking event hosted by Adelaide University’s Women in STEM Society and the University of South Australia’s Women in STEM club. At the October event, the NSC was pleased to meet an impressive group of young women pursuing roles in STEM and explain how they could embark on careers in naval shipbuilding by joining our Workforce Register.  


As the NSC continues to grow the naval shipbuilding talent pool, a highlight is showcasing the many opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. We are working with our education outreach partner Explore Careers to reach students across Australia and inspire them to consider the vast possibilities.  


A powerful part of our message is storytelling to demonstrate the varied paths into shipbuilding, and we are gathering a growing library of case studies that enable people to learn firsthand from those in the industry.  


Recent interviews published by Explore Careers include: ‘A day in the life of an electrical apprentice’ featuring Maddie Rickets, who took up a trade after completing a photography degree and ‘A day in the life of a mechanical engineer’ featuring Melissa Weston, who was intrigued by the opportunity to work on submarines. Visit their website to see more 


If you are interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities available in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry, join the NSC’s national Workforce Register today.

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