Designers and drafters among priority employment targets – Naval Shipbuilding College

Designers and drafters among priority employment targets

Friday, January 31, 2020

Designers and drafters have been identified as  ‘priority’ employment targets in Australia’s $90 billion National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.


The Naval Shipbuilding College (the College), in collaboration with Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry, has undertaken extensive market analysis to identify which jobs will be required in the short, medium and long term.


Designers and drafters are responsible for the creation of  highly sophisticated 3D designs, product models and schematics, required to design, build and sustain the world’s most technologically advanced warships for Australia’s new navy.


Chief Executive of the College Ian Irving, said the Australian Government’s commitment to create, skill and maintain a continuous, national naval shipbuilding workforce  will provide unparalleled career opportunities for Australians.


“These are very important and coveted jobs that are in demand across the world today,’’ he said.


“Workers who gain experience and expertise in these areas will quickly be considered among the leaders in their field, providing opportunities for a life-long career.


“They will be able to write their own ticket for their futures.’’


The College is the gateway for employment in this national Enterprise and we are supporting the prime naval contractors as well as small to medium enterprises across the country to achieve their workforce needs.


There will be thousands of ongoing jobs available over the coming decades and many businesses are looking to grow and upskill their workforces in preparation for upcoming opportunities, especially in the supply chain and sustainment areas.


Theopportunity to work on the world’s most technologically advanced projectsis helping draw Australian workers into the naval shipbuilding industry.


The spearhead of Australia’s new fleet will include 12 Attack Class Submarines, 9 Hunter Class Frigates and 12 Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels.


Naval shipbuilding offers new opportunities that are not widely available across other industry sectors.


“More broadly there will be thousands of jobs available within the wider Enterprise across Australia, providing rewarding and meaningful employment, with wide-ranging career options including technical trades and professional roles,’’ Mr Irving said


“Through the free Workforce Register the College is helping industry realise their workforce goals and assisting Australians to secure their desired education and training qualifications to assist them in entering the Enterprise workforce.


“More than 2000 candidates have already joined the Workforce Register and thousands more are expected to register in the months and years ahead.


“From experienced workers looking to upskill themselves or transition from other industry sectors, to secondary school students seeking advice on their technical learning and subjects they should study, we are helping them identify the next steps in their education or career pathways that can lead to a job within the Enterprise.’’


To join the Workforce Register CLICK HERE.

This story also appeared on page 56 of the Feb/Mar 2020 edition of AMT Magazine.

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