Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science  – Naval Shipbuilding College

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science in February, the NSC highlighted the career journey of Roisin, an Engineer with BAE Systems Australia 


As a teenager, Roisin imagined what an engineering career might look like – she hoped it would involve playing with robots, 3D printers and lasers. Today, as a graduate Mechatronics Engineer, working in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry, Roisin is getting to do just that!  


In her role with BAE Systems Maritime Australia at Tonsley Innovation District, Roisin works with Spot the robotic dog, exploring how the technology can be best employed in the Hunter Class Frigate Program.  


During high school at Saint Ignatius’ College Adelaide Roisin loved science and maths and when she started studying engineering at The University of Adelaide she knew she had made the right choice.  


Roisin has some advice for girls considering their career options: “Ask as many people as you can what their day-to-day job involves. That’s a really key thing. It’s a bit of a running joke that nobody knows what an engineer does but it’s kind of true and what engineers do on a day-to-day basis varies a lot, depending on where you’re working.” 


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