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At home on land or at sea

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Marine Engineering Officers can specialise in research and development, engineering design, production, operation and maintenance of machinery.


Core competencies include a knowledge of designing of mechanical tools and equipment, developing and testing prototypes, thermodynamics and materials science. A Marine Engineer will use these skills combined with computer aided design programs and project management experience to deliver a product or solution.


Katie Kruger began working as a Marine Engineering Officer with the Royal Australian Navy in 2005. Katie is the Strategic Policy Officer at the Navy Materiel Seaworthiness Agency and has gained extensive shipbuilding experience Navy postings and Policy roles over the past 15 years.


Overview of your role

I currently work as the Strategic Policy Officer at the Navy Materiel Seaworthiness Agency (NMSwAA), which provides the Chief of Navy with risk-based assurance that seaworthy materiel is being delivered throughout a mission system’s Capability Life Cycle.  I work with other organisations in Navy to align materiel seaworthiness policy with best practice, consolidate policy guidance across different areas of Navy and solve policy issues.


Where do you work?

I work in Canberra in the ACT.


How did you get to where you are today?

I joined the Navy in 2005 and completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering through the Australian Defence Force Academy. I have completed postings as an Engineer at sea in HMA Ships Tobruk, Darwin and Canberra as well as roles in a variety of support organisations ashore that directly contribute to Navy capability.


What do you love about your job?

It is satisfying to see my work realised in ships being able to achieve seaworthiness objectives and proceeding to sea to carry out their mission. I love the variety of challenges I face as an engineer in the Navy. Every day is different and I am always learning new things.


Why did you choose a career this field?

I enjoy working with others to solve complex problems and was looking for a rewarding career where I would be constantly challenged. I wanted to serve my country and make a positive contribution to delivering ships that are successfully able to carry out their mission.


What skills are required in your position?

Analytical thinking, problem solving, innovation, an ability to communicate well with a range of people from other organisations to improve materiel seaworthiness practices and get my organisation’s message across, and teamwork.


Why did you decide to work within the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise?

I am excited about Navy’s new capabilities and being able to contribute to the delivery of new ships into service. The level of technology and capabilities that are being developed is very impressive and I hope to serve on one of these vessels in the future.


If you like being challenged, enjoy unique experiences that will set your career up for great things then you should consider opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry. Join the national Workforce Register.

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